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Dental filling is the way to restore teeth damaged by caries, and to give them back their normal function and shape.
-In this center we have the philosophy of conserving the natural teeth as much as possible.
With sithetic adherent enamel the tooth will be given its original shape, before caries occurred.

In a simple caries your tooth will be reconstructed in a way so that it looks and feels like it never had a cavity. It is treated with medication that treats efectively sensitivity to cold that used to appear before its use, you will notice it as conform and quality of life.

With the use of adhesives there are no microscopic holes in the material so no bacteria can penetrate, making it a lifelong treatment, given that the patient eats a proper diet.

In filling that are located between two teeth it is very important to create the point of contact in the right manner. If not done correctly it crates places were food such as pineapple, ham or chicken enters and remains, creating a painful sensation that usually must be dealt with with brush sticks.

Another tipe of filling is the one performed in the neck of the tooth, close to the gum. The caries can be seen by looking oneself at the mirror. Traditionally these are hard to treat, falling before a year, creating the necessity of second treatments that are not good. Here in the center, thanks to our knowledge and the technology we use, we have a specific material for this kind of cavities assuring a definitive cure for the patient.

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